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Jim Harrison

Hi, I'm Jim Harrison. see my Total Social Presence:

Jim Harrison comes from a solid retail background having worked within the retail sector and having  been a retail manager for over 5 years, worked within civil service, retail, catering, and voluntary sector, having worked within the Health & personal development field, where he was a coordinator for a health organisation with over 10,000 members and managed events planning, activities, talks.

 He got baptised, full immersion on Jan 29th 2012 and is a born-again Pentecostal Christian


Currently, Jim is retired through ill health/Disability, supporting Bethel Christian Fellowship develop, maintain, build and implement a full media internet outreach and Gospel evangelism.


Current projects cover:


to create Christian graphics for share across the internet; slideshows; pdfs; videos including


Educational media, studies, bible topics, study activities, self-study and media for virtual learning environment;


The maintenance and development of Bethel Christian fellowships blog site and interconnected social media;

Design signage, logos, branding, stationary for the church, assisting in clerical duties

Jim Harrison's Background

Jim Harrison's Experience

WebAdmin/Clerical Support (Voluntary) at bethel Christian Fellowship

Present | hastings

Clerical/Admin/ Internet development

Jim Harrison's Interests & Activities

Bible, Christianity, Bible study, Christian Art, Gospel Music, Designing, internet art, computer graphics, Fine Art, sketching, pastels, pencil, charcoal, watercolour, acrylics, Art, Calligraphy, typesetting, printing, bookbinding, Graphic design, stationary design, Cartoon Art (Manga), Digital conceptual art, Crafts: papercarft, origami, Jewellry making & metalwork, beadwork, engraving, electroplating, chemical electroplating, Chess, Judo, Gardening, garden planning, garden design, Herbs, herbalism, Art, Architecture, building design, Music(listening), gregorian chant, choral music, religious music, christian music, Jazz, blues, classical music, Music (playing) flute, flageolet, recorder, percussion, bongo, chinese bowls, Law, ancient law, Archeology, ancient cultures, history, Geology, minerals, collecting gemstones, collecting fossils, Glass engraving, Glass painting, Candle making, Puzzles, crosswords, etymology, encryption, Heraldry, genealogy, Research, Reading, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, Computing interests generally, Walking, japanese Art, haiku, Poetry, writing poetry, Writing, Cooking, Landscapes, Sea, nature, environment & ecology, Languages, Latin, French

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